Social Reward Platform for Marketing & eCommerce

M.O.R.E. enables brands to connect social and chat to loyalty and CRM, to engage and reward consumers for engagement and surprise and delight.

Listen, respond, and reward consumers for any activity, not just spend. Combine social media marketing automation with loyalty to drive both engagement and spend.
Create and deploy multilingual Chatbots across social and messaging channels to deliver messages, rewards, and content to the right person at the right time.
Delight fans with items and experiences delivered in hours. Delight Delivered listens to social media activities, collects shipping, and delivers items and experiences instantly to fans.
Leveraging social and owned CRM data like birthday, anniversary, age, demographics, and more, to push content & rewards via social and direct messaging channels.
Enable consumers to earn rewards, enter contests, and receive promotions from any location, connecting offline experiences to online engagement.
A better way to do sampling – More qualified, earned media, increased engagement, and more followers, in exchange for your product.
Enable consumers to enter sweeps with one social action. Confirmation responses are automatically sent, and consumer data captured.
Link personal social media and chat IDs with customer records, search and segment members, and export data to business systems.
Incentivize and reward consumers for posting original content, respond instantly at scale, aggregate consumer posts, collect CRM data.
Listen, respond, and reward consumers for their social activities

The Platform

The Engagement Engine. Don't just listen to social – respond

  • Part 1


    Conversations, keywords, hashtags, photos, shares, follows, purchases, CRM actions, birthdays, check-ins and more

  • Part 2

    Rules Engine

    Apply rules for economy, geofencing, image recognition, language, frequency, influence, content, rewards delivery, and more

  • Part 3


    Automate social media and chatbot responses, rewards, and marketing outcomes at scale and in the moment

  • Part 4


    Segment users and posts by CRM data points, UGC quality, engagement, location, and pick responses and rewards before sending

  • Part 5


    Smart email, sms, chat, and social responses from your brand based on campaign and user criteria as well as language translation

  • Part 6

    Rewards & Experiences

    Points, experiences, discounts, samples, digital content, sweeps, contest entries, reminders, utility and more

  • Part 7

    CRM & Analytics

    Acquire social identity tied to customer records. Segment, filter, sort, and search users in your dashboard. Measure reach, impressions, conversion rates and more

How it Works

Building loyal customers - from interest to Advocacy

  • Step 1


    Create a post with a specified #tag, or comment on a specified post

  • Step 2


    Share to social media platform

  • Step 3


    Receive notification message from M.O.R.E.

  • Step 4


    Redeem at store or online

Watch this Video to understand how it works

M.O.R.E. Overview

The Difference

M.O.R.E.provides a new promotional channel that can be used singly, or together with merchants’ other existing promotional channels to increase the cost-effectiveness.

Facebook/Instagram Ads High High Fair Fair High Fair
Google Network Low High Low Low Low Low
S.E.M. High Low Low Low Low Low
M.O.R.E. Social Reward Fixed fees, free from market factors Reach out to audiences through omni-channel Encourage customers to share your content to attract audience attention No time limit Gain more analytical data to develop the next campaign Make good use of customer data and messages are more directly conveyed

Our Pricing Plans

Introducing a flexible new pricing model for brands of any kind.

  • M.O.R.E. Membership

    Quarterly Plans
    $3,000 up
    Quick start for S.M.E. and individuals.
    • Triggers: Facebook and Instagram share
    • Automation
    • Messaging: Notification from M.O.R.E.
    • Analytics
    • Rules engine
    • Moderation
    • CRM
  • M.O.R.E. White Label

    Monthly Plans
    $10,000 up
    Build for enterprises and corporates
    • Triggers: Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, YouTube, Weibo
    • Automation
    • Messaging: Notification from brand
    • Analytics
    • Rules engine
    • Moderation
    • CRM

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